Welcome to The Breakup Project


We provide support and Guidance through the process of Divorce, separation or breaking up.


Breakup Diaries

Featuring success stories from other women.

Breaking up is never easy. Letting go of the one you love — especially after weeks, months or even years of accumulating treasured memories — can feel like tearing yourself in two. But the positive side to a breakup is what we can learn about ourselves.

Hi, I'm Whitney!

I am a Certified Financial Planner. I specialize in helping women make financial decisions pre- and post-divorce. 

I created The Breakup Project after my ex-fiancé and I ended our engagement. Through this project, I have been able to share my personal breakup process as well as offer helpful resources to serve others.

The Breakup Project was birthed in April 2017 and since then has connected with thousands of people going through (or considering) breakups and divorces. 

We offer a growth-oriented community and library of helpful resources to guide you through the process of rediscovering your identity as a single person. 

Breakups are certainly tough, but I see them as an opportunity for transformation and growth. We are happy to have you here.